D50/30 (Draw Tape Bags) Punch Unit


 PHP 2001 D/50 Special

               Technical specifications

Typical Hole Diameters 15-160mm  ( in 3 different Ranges 15-50, 50-100, 100-160)
Maximum Material Speed 150 meter/minute on Polythene, 40 meter/minute on Paper
Maximum Material Thickness (Total) 600 micron  (0.6mm)
Standard Working Width 450mm up to 2500mm 
Minimum Center to Center on width 150mm    *(non standard Punchers and Dies for 50mm)
Maximum Punching Rate (frequency) 12 holes per Second !!!  (15Hz)
Typical Air Consumption per Stroke 8cc per Punch.

Available for 110 / 240 VAC with a consumption of 2Amp

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